Radio News for January 25th, 2017

Terminal Cancer Patient Gets Wish to be Policeman

Sugarcreek, PA – 

32 year old Matt Minich always wanted to work in law enforcement but he is also terminally sick, it didn’t stop the town of Sugarcreek from making him an honorary member of the force. Yesterday at 9:30am Matt was sworn to duty by Judge Patrick Lowery in a ceremony before his family as well as representatives from both the Sugarcreek and State police departments. Then for about two and a half hours he was able to go on patrol and help serve the community how he always dreamed he would.

Matt went on patrol with Police Lt. Ashbaugh while an EMT also rode along to make sure he was comfortable and to monitor Matt’s condition. Once his time as an officer of the peace came to an end Matt had this to say: “Being an officer is something that I always wanted to do. I want to serve the people and to help protect the people and do what I can to help.”


Garbage Truck Knocks Out Power to Hundreds in Erie

Erie, PA- 

900 residents of Erie lost power yesterday when a Waste Management truck pulled down two utility poles after getting snagged on low hanging cables and snapping two utility poles at their base. The outage mainly affected the city’s east side and authorities are investigating how the truck got ensnared in the cables because trucks of its size regularly travel through that same area.


Teenage Cashier Accused of Stealing from Sears

Cranberry, PA-

It only took about a single work week for one aspiring criminal to steal $2,000 from their employer. Last week from the 13th to the 18th 19 year old David Campbell is alleged to have helped himself to prepaid gift cards from Sears in Cranberry to the tune of $2,033 and has been arrested and charged with retail theft. He was released on $5,000 secured bond.