Radio News for January 17th, 2017

State Police Investigate Unreported Fire

Beaver Township, Clarion County, PA – State Police in Clarion County are investigating the disappearance of an entire house. The vacant house owned by Leona Servey burned down sometime between the 4th and the 9th of January on Knight School Road in Clarion County’s Beaver Township but nobody reported it happening. If you have any information please call Clarion State Police call (814)226-1710 and reference Incident Number PA17-31881. Investigators are especially interested to know if anyone had seen any people or vehicles in or around the house before the fire and confirm what date the fire could have occured.


Rep. Harkins Re-Introducing Jake Schwab Bill

Harrisburg, PA – State agencies like school districts and transit authorities are not required to meet OSHA safety Standards but Erie County Representative Pat Harkins is trying to change that. The Jake Schwab bill is named after a man who died in a preventable workplace accident while employed by the Erie Metro Transit Authority in 2014 and he will be introducing it at the next meeting of the General Assembly. The bill which has no docket number yet would adjust the state law so that public agencies would adopt the same standards as a private workplace if it passed. Representative Harkins introduced the bill last year but it never made it to the debate floor and by the rules set in the Pennsylvania State Constitution unheard bills are thrown out at the end of the year.


Man Killed in Road Work Accident

Meade Township, Warren County, PA – Micheal Robinson of Waterford was a road flagger who was struck by a car in Meade Township Warren County and died after being airlifted to UMPC Hamot. Robinson was struck by a driver who didn’t see him on the shoulder of the road as they approached an unmarked utility work zone and Robinson was thrown several feet into an adjacent yard. While driving please always avoid destractions while on the road and and always keep your eyes forward to look for potential work sites and hazards.