Radio News for Friday January 13th, 2017

Flood Conditions Persist Across Listening Area

A Flood warning continues for Venango and Mercer Counties and a Flood Advisory is still in effect for Crawford and Erie Counties as well as virtually all of Northern Ohio. In many areas roads are still flooded and many back roads may have been washed out entirely. If you see flood water running across the road please take a detour and do not try to cross it. Getting stranded in flood waters is not only bad for your vehicle but extremely dangerous for you yourself, in winter and spring months water temperatures are near ice cold and can quickly cause hypothermia or frostbite, water currents could carry you and your vehicle away, and there is risk of drowning involved as well.

For up to date information on where roads and highways have been closed to to flooding check out which gives you access to information of over 40,000 miles of road in Pennsylvania in real time updated 24/7.


Drug Raid on Homeless Shelter in Meadville

Meadville PA – At 2:30 yesterday afternoon Jerry Whitman who was the building manager for St. James Place on 169 Water Street, was arrested for the possession and manufacture of methamphetamine. The raid was actually made at the behest of the shelter’s director, who was suspicious of Whitman and told police he may be manufacturing drugs. Jerry Whitman was arraigned on charges of operating a methamphetamine lab. operating a methamphetamine lab and illegal dumping, manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of liquified amonnia gas precursers, and possession of a controlled substance.

Saint James Haven is the only homeless shelter for men in the Meadville and provides them with food and shelter for the night. The six bed facility was founded in 1997 and is affiliated with The Sisters of Saint Joseph. It was the director of the facility that contacted MPD after he became suspicious of Mr. Whitman.