Frog Net News For January 13th, 2017

The ACLU wants information on the officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of a transgender suspect.  The shooting happened last week in Sharon.  Sean Hake was shot and killed by a Sharon police officer.  Yesterday, the ACLU asked the Mercer County district attorney to release the information on the shooting.

A woman accused of an intentional hit-and-run is being cleared of the charges.  A jury found Lyric Mason not guilty of attempted homicide yesterday.  Prosecutors allege Mason swerved off the road in Rochester Township in March to hit the teenage victim, who was a person of interest in a burglary at her home.  The 15-year-old suffered a brain bleed and spent a week in the hospital.

The South Butler School Board is readmitting six students who were expelled for violating the district’s drug policy.  The students were ousted after using marijuana before class on the last day of school last year.  District administrators did not give specifics other than to say the matter is now closed.  The readmission is scheduled for later this month.

The state of Pennsylvania faces a serious budget deficit so the Governor wants to close two state prisons.  Mercer is one of five prisons on the list of possible closures. According to the state closing Mercer would save $46 million a year and it’s minimum security population of around 1400 inmates could easily be absorbed into other nearby prisons.  Mercer County commissioners say the county can’t afford the loss of 413 well-paid employees, especially after the announcement of recent closures of the Macy’s and Sears in Hermitage.  State lawmakers will debate the issue as to which prisons should close at a meeting scheduled for January 23rd in Harrisburg.

Woodland Hills’ high school principal is being reinstated.  Kevin Murray was put on paid leave last month after a 14-year-old student illegally recorded Murray threatening him.  The district attorney declined to press charges and school officials released a statement yesterday saying in part, “It was also an anomaly and totally out of character for an educator who otherwise receives regular praise for his support for his students.  We believe – and believe strongly – in second chances.”

A conference about medical marijuana is coming to Pittsburgh.  The World Medical Marijuana Business Conference and Expo is set to take place on April 21st and the 22nd at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.  It will feature former NFL running back and marijuana advocate Ricky Williams as the keynote speaker.  The event’s organizers expect up to five-thousand people to attend.

The Pennsylvania State Police is no longer subjecting recruits to lie-detector tests, saying the agency has lost good job applicants because the tests added time to the hiring process. The state police said Thursday its review of why some applicants were taking other jobs found the polygraphs contributed to the problem by causing unnecessary delays. The troopers’ union is criticizing the decision. The union argues that the tests help ensure hires have the highest personal integrity.

Officials are investigating after a bullet was found inside Franklin Regional High School.  A student found the ammunition Wednesday afternoon and gave it to the school resource officer.  Authorities searched the building but found no threat.  Belongings brought to the school will be searched until further notice.