Radio News for Thursday January 12th, 2017

Propane Fire Prompts Evacuations in Forest County.

Hickory Township, Forest County PA – A massive natural gas fire in Forest County forced a call for the evacuation of an 8 mile radius in Hickory Township. On Tuesday at about 8:30am a fire broke out at a 30,000 gallon propane tank at Queen Pumping Station owned by Catalyst Energy, one so dangerous that initially not even fire departments could approach. Fortunately the safety features built into the tank held out and the fire burned itself mostly out to the point where fire crews were able to use foam to clean up the mess after the gas was shut off. Other area gas companies shut off their systems in the area as well to prevent the fire from spreading beyond the pumping station. By 2pm evacuees were given the all clear to return home.


Man Arrested for Forging Police Paperwork

Franklin PA – Terry Newman was arrested by State Police for allegedly using a forged document on Sugar Creek police letterhead to try and prove he had turned in pain killers to be disposed of. Investigators believe Newman was able to acquire the letterhead when he was a member of the Rocky Grove Volunteer Fire Department, a membership he lost after allegedly stealing lawn care equipment from the department in October.


Buy Your Own US President

Gettysburg PA – Ever wanted to own a President? The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum of Gettysburg as announced that it will be auctioning off all 44 of its wax figures of presidents as well as their collection of first ladies on this Saturday January 14th at 10 am. The historic Gettysburg museum was opened in back in 1957 and had had more than one million visitors in the 59 years it operated but closed its doors in November, just shy of its 60th year of operation. Potential buyers can see each of the life sized presidents and their 1/3 scale first ladies between 8 and 10am on the day of the auction.