In the News Friday January 6, 2017

Victim’s Mother Discovers Grisly Murder/Suicide in Meadville

Meadville PA – A baby was left orphaned after a murder suicide. Investigators say that on Wednesday night Twaun Hamilton killed his live in girlfriend Sarah Schaaf with a single shot to the head before taking his own life. Their one year old child was found in the same room as both of her parents unharmed and there is a gofundme account circulating on social media set up to help Schaaf’s family for immediate expenses with the baby.


Fire Marshal Searches Ruins for Body of Missing Man

North East PA – Timothy Green, a North East man who’s home was completely destroyed by fire is still missing a week after the incident. Prompted by member’s of Green’s family the State Police Fire Marshall did a second search of the debris of the house to search for a body but one was not found. Anyone with information about Mr. Green should call North East PD at (814)725-4407.


No Credit for Identity Thief

Franklin PA – Michael Umstead of Franklin didn’t get any credit at his bail hearing for his upcoming felony identity theft trial. Umstead posed as an unnamed woman to take out credit cards in and used them to ring up $2,600 in charges in her name, his bail has been set at $15,000 while he awaits a preliminary hearing