In the News January 5th, 2017

Man Steals Van and Goes on Misadventure

Yesterday morning an auto thief in Meadville made off with a minivan and drove due east toward misadventure. While traveling on State Route 27 he lost control of his ill gotten transportation and crashed it near Moyer Road where he forced his entry into a home allegedly looking for medical help but was forced back out by the occupants. It wasn’t too much later that he was picked up by State Troopers who had been looking for him since he left Meadville City Limits.


Woman Leads MPD on New Year’s Eve Chase

Also in Meadville, a woman has been arrested for drunkenly leading the police in a chase down Park Avenue on New Year’s Eve. Holly Pfaff attempted to flee MPD when she was signalled to pull over; weaving through both lanes of traffic and nearly causing several head on collisions, she also destroyed multiple stop signs and drove through somebody’s front yard before the chase came to an end. All of the excitement was to avoid a second DUI charge since October.


PennDOT Reduces Speed on I-90 after Multiple Vehicle Crash in Erie.

A sudden white out on Interstate 90 caused a multiple vehicle pile up in Erie. A gust of wind suddenly kicked up enough loose snow to blind the drivers leading to sudden chaos and causing about a dozen cars and semi-trucks to collide with one another shutting down I-90 from State Street to Peach Street. Fortunately only one person suffered some minor injuries but as a result of the pile up PennDOT has reduced the speed on the Interstate to 45 miles per hour as a precaution. You can check road conditions for all major highways in Pennsylvania in real time at