In the News December 28th, 2016

Meth Carrying Troublemakers Try and Fail at Multiple B&E

After being kicked out of a Christmas party in Saegertown that they weren’t even invited to Thomas Reese and Hiedi Timme attempted to break into the funeral home and then into a duplex on Main and Broad Streets. State Police responded to a 911 call from two women in one of the apartments who were leaning against the door to keep Reese from breaking it down and found the two suspects behind the building. After they were arrested and searched they were found to be in possession of methamphetamine which they were presumably also using and have been charged with drug offenses while Thomas Reese has also been charged with attempted burglary.


61 Year Old Man Arrested for Sexual Assault in Franklin

Steven Carpenter was a transient who’s victim was allowing to stay with her and her boyfriend.According to the victim Carpenter allegedly touched her inappropriately while she slept on three different occasions starting on December 7th but she had waited more than two weeks to report them because she just wanted to incidents to go away. Carpenter was arrested on December 22nd and charged with three counts of sexual Assault and has a preliminary hearing today.