In the News December 27th, 2016

New Charges for Convicted Burglar

George Henderson is already doing 5 to 20 upstate for burglary in Venango County and now Clarion’s State Police now have evidence to keep him there even longer. DNA from blood left at a crime scene was used to connect Henderson to a 2014 Burglary at a computer store in Clarion. New charges of burglary, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, and criminal mischief have been filed in Clarion County. Henderson will will remain lodged at the State Correctional Institute in Albion until his preliminary hearing next year.


Cleveland Dope Peddler Busted in Crawford County

A drug dealer from Cleveland was caught with a large haul of illegal narcotics at a hotel outside Meadville. After a lengthy investigation the State Police Vice unit based in Meadville served a search warrant on the Hotel Room of Deandre Vaughn who was staying in Vernon Township. Troopers found large amounts of heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, and cocaine powder as well as over $7,000 in cash. Vaughn is being treated to an extended stay at Crawford County’s State of the Art jail facilities.


Jamestown Man Sticks a Fork in Christmas Dinner Guest

On Christmas morning Christopher Wargo of Jamestown got into a dispute with with another man and stabbed him in the chest with a fork, then he bit him! Wargo also punched a woman in the face while she was on the phone with police before he was wrestled to the ground by his original victim. Wargo was taken into custody but so far no motive nor reason was given for the berserk attack, he has been charged with assault and harassment.