Reno’s Rant: Luke Cage

I don’t want this to sound like an advertisement for Netflix but one of may favorite things about Netflix’s move original content is the fact that they’re doing a lot of shows based on comic books…Daredevil…Jessica Jones…the forthcoming Iron Fist and Punisher series….and of course the reason for this blog post, Luke Cage!

I was not very familiar with the character of Luke Cage. The comic and character came out at the height of the “blacksploitation” films of the 70’s i.e. Shaft, Superfly, Blacula. The character Luke Cage made his debut on the small screen in the Jessica Jones series. To be honest, after seeing Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like a Luke Cage stand alone series. The character just didn’t seems to intrigue me but being a fan of the superhero genre, I gave it a go!

I just finished watching season one of Luke Cage on Netflix the other day and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! Michael Colter really brought the character some empathy and a likeability that, for me, just wasn’t there in the Jessica Jones series. The supporting cast was spot on too with Mahershala Ali, Simone Missick and Theo Rossi being a few of the standouts!

All in all, season one of Luke Cage was very good, with action, interesting character, a decent story arc and nice references to the Marvel Universe to tie it all together. The show is very stylized. It’s like watching a “blacksploitation” film from the 70’s with music and the dialogue but not dated.

The one thing I’ve always loved about comics is that You don’t have to be any certain race to love a hero. Everyone can aspire to be like Superman or Spiderman or Batman or Wonder Woman or an X-Man no matter what color you are. Even though I’m primarily a Marvel guy, one of my favorite comic book heroes growing up was Black Lightning! That being said thought every kid growing up wants a hero that looks like them….to say that could be me. I always hated, growing up, that all the heroes had blonde hair growing up. I had dark brown hair…I wanted a hero that looked like me. I love the fact that this version of Luke Cage is putting such a positive African-American superhero out there so young African -American kids to, hey he’s just like me and hopefully aspire to the same code of doing what’s right the Luke Cage does….but like I said, you don’t have to be black, white, yellow, red, purple or any color to appreciate that! That’s what great about comics and superheroes!

Until next time….Cheers,