Could you live in Michael Myers Home?

Emily and Kenny Caperton, of Hillsborough, North Carolina, have built an exact replica of the home made famous by the 1978 movie ”Halloween”. They visited the original Michael Myers house in South Pasadena, California before deciding to build their own replica.
Kenny tells ‘We loved the look of the house, not only that it was the Michael Myers house, but it was also the size we were looking for, and we loved the architectural details. Immediately I got on the phone with South Pasadena, the city, trying to find the blueprints. It’s flattering when people think, at first, that it’s a really old historical home, not just a replica of one. ‘I told people, jokingly, that one day I’d like to live in the Michael Myers house. It never crossed my mind that I would ever actually get to do it!’