You think he would have a studio….

Keith Urban tells AZCentral that he practices his guitar playing in a closet at home. ”I play all the time. Even here at the house, I have a guitar. I’m literally staring at an old Gibson right now in my room. And a few nights ago, I bought a new overdrive pedal that I wanted to try out, so I went in my closet and plugged in this little Fender amp and spent an hour in my closet – Nic (wife Nicole Kidman) was off on a film set working, the kids were away – just playing my guitar. And having a blast. I love playing. So I just play all the time more than practice. And in the context of playing, I’m always working on something, either my vibrato or the way I hold a pick, the way I strike the strings, where the volume is on the guitar, the gain stage on the amp. I’m constantly tweaking and trying different things to get more musicality out of my guitar and have it communicate more clearly.”