Tri County Report For October 11th, 2016

A federal judge in Pittsburgh will senctence two cheese companies and an executive who pleaded guilty to charges of placing adulterated and misbranded cheese products into interstate commerce.  The New Castle News reports 44 year old Michelle Myrter of Harmony faces one misdemeanor count along with Universal Cheese and Drying Inc and International Packing LLC. The companies face a fine of 500 thousand olldars and Myrter faces a year in prison, a fine of 100 thousand dollars or both. Federal officials say the defendants packaged and sold cheese under various lables at the Castle Cheese facility in Slippery Rock.

A New Castle man is blaming a fire at his home on his four-year-old son.  The flames broke out Saturday morning when the man says he heard a commotion upstairs.  He told investigators he went to the second floor and found the fire in a bedroom where his son, and three-year-old daughter were.  Fire officials say the father suspected it was his son who started the fire because he “had a habit” of setting fires with a lighter.  The kids were not injured, and the father was treated at the scene for burns on his hand.

President Obama is coming to Pittsburgh.  Obama is speaking at The White House Frontiers Conference at Carnegie Mellon University Thursday.  The event looks at the future of innovation in our country and will focus on building its capacity in science and technology.  The President will also participate in a panel discussion.

A man is getting nine-million dollars from what is being called the largest medical malpractice verdict in Butler County history.  A jury awarded the money to Todd Wogan yesterday.  Wogan went into septic shock and lost his lower legs following a series of questionable medical decisions at Butler Memorial Hospital.  The jury found the staff delayed reporting Wogan’s condition to a doctor until it was too late.

California University of Pennsylvania is reporting another decline in enrollment.  Officials say it is the fifth consecutive year of decline and an almost four-percent drop from the previous term.  The dip is being blamed on several factors, including a declining number of high school graduates.

Donald Trump continues to attack Hillary Clinton after the second national debate.  Trump spoke to about 25-hundred people at a high school gym in Ambridge yesterday after Sunday’s presidential debate in St. Louis.  He said Clinton is overrated, and he also addressed his recently surfaced remarks about sexual assault.  Trump is in Florida the next couple days before heading to Ohio.

An Armstrong County resident said she’s lucky to be alive after a runaway truck crashed into her home Sunday. The pickup truck and an attached trailer carrying a small backhoe crashed into the house in Apollo about noon. Officials say the truck was parked at the top of a hill as the driver attempted to back the backhoe off its trailer. The weight shifted and the front of the truck lifted off the ground. The driver jumped out of the vehicle, and the truck began rolling down the hill.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is getting some help to research prostate-related health issues.  The National Institutes of Health awarded the school more than seven and a half million dollars for research for treatment for BPH or enlarged prostate.  About one in five men in their 50s suffers from BPH.  The statistics jump to 60-percent of men in their 60s suffering from enlarged prostates.

It’s the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania.  Those who wish to participate in the November 8th election must register to do so.  For more information about voter registration visit Votes-P-A-dot-com.