I’m thinkin I need to test them all…..

The 2016 NFL season kicks off tonight. Here’s all the delicious stuff to eat at concessions stands around the country.

The Detroit Lions are offering a $15 Cider Mill donut. It serves 2 to 4 people and is dripping in blue icing and blue and white sprinkles.

The Baltimore Ravens are serving the B’more Stak. It features French fries topped with shaved Baltimore pit beef, Maryland crab dip, aged cheddar cheese, green onions and cherry peppers.

The Kansas City Chiefs are serving the BBQ Stak. It features Waffle fries topped with pepper jack cheese sauce, slow-smoked beef brisket, charred corn and sweet potato poblano relish, and roasted apple crunch.

The Chicago Bears are serving the Chicago Combo Stak. It features celery salt dusted kettle chips topped with Italian beef, Italian sausage, marinara, au jus, melted provolone and giardineira.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are serving the Cuban Stak. It features fries topped with smoked ham, roast pork, salami, fried pickles, mustard cheese sauce, scallions and smoked paprika.

The Houston Texas are serving the Grady Spears griller which is an eight-ounce New York strip steak, marinated in brown sugar and kosher salt, with sautéed onions and spicy garlic aioli.

The Cleveland Browns are serving Animal-Style fries. The fries are topped with brown peppercorn gravy, mozzarella cheese, pancetta, a fried egg and whole grain mustard.