Reno’s Rant: What’s Reno Listening To!!!

This is something I do from time to time on my Facebook Fan Page Usually I post a video of whatever I’m listening to, be it old or new. I thought I would start doing the same here on my blog as well. So here we go!

Elle King – Love Stuff

If you like a cross between rock, country, soul and a little folk nouveau that seems popular these days the you want to check out the first full length album from Rob Schneider’s daughter (yes, that Rob Schneider from SNL) Elle King. She must have got her looks from her mom and maybe her incredible voice as well! The album is solid from top to bottom with not a bad song on it. Most of the album is about drinking and screwing from a woman’s point of view but with great beats and Elle’s infectious voice it doesn’t matter if you relate directly, you just want to sing along. Stand out tracks: Where The Devil Don’t Go, Last Dam Night, Jackson, Make You Smile.

Butch Walker – Stay Gold

From his roots in the hair metal band SouthGang to his atl/rock anthem making band Marvelous 3 to his evolution as a solo artist, Butch Walker has long been one of my favorite artists. His new album Stay Gold has everything to enforce that! The follow up to his 2015 album Afraid Of Ghosts which explored the grief of losing his father, Stay Gold is a throwback to the great fist pumpingĀ  anthems of the 80’s with a little Springsteen influence thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for a great album to put on the car stereo and drive this is it! Well written, great melodies and backing vocals, rockers, slower tunes, it won’t disappoint! Stand out tracks: Stay Gold, Ludlow Expectations, Descending, Record Store, Wilder In The Heart.

Michael Sweet – One Sided War

I’m a huge fan of Stryper and Michael Sweet, one of the hardest working men in metal, and One Sided War DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!! Now usually Michael Sweet’s solo stuff takes a slight departure from his Stryper stuff by delving into different sounds, be it pop, alternative, etc…but One Sided War is a straight up metal album that assaults you, in a good way, hard and heavy from beginning to end! If you love a rocker and you love your music hard with a positive message then you don’t want to miss out on this album. Plus the song Radio ribs rockers who go country…what rock fan doesn’t appreciate that!!! Stand out tracks: One Sided War, Radio, Only You, I Am, Who Am I.

So check out these new albums when you get a chance. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. They have the Reno seal of approval. We’ll do this again soon. Until next time…

Cheers, Reno