Frog Net News For August 12th, 2016

The Pennsyvlania Attorney General’s Office has charged a New Castle man with possessing child pornography. According to the New Castle News, 34 year old Christoper Andrew Grendon of Old Route 19 face three counts of distribution of photos or film of child sex acts, 20 counts of possessing child pornography obtained or viewed on a computer, along with one count of criminal use of a communcatons facility.  All three are felony offenses. Grendon was arraigned and is in the Lawrence County Jail on 150 thousand dollars bond.  Authorities said the files contatined images of children ages 4 to 12.

Fentanyl-laced heroin is being blamed for 26 recent overdoses in Beaver County.  Officials say the incidents were all reported in a five-day span and three were fatal.  New Sewickley police are working with the FBI and the DEA to try to find out where the drugs are coming from.  Officers say if they can find the dealer, he or she could be charged with homicide.

Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky is back in court.  He is scheduled to take the stand in Centre County Court for his post-conviction relief act hearing.  Sandusky waived his preliminary hearing in December 2011 and didn’t take the stand at his jury trial.  Sandusky was convicted in June 2012 of sexual molestation charges.  He is serving his sentence in Greene County.  The proceedings start today.

Investigators said evidence of illegal activity was discovered during an investigation of human remains on a property on Mercer West Middlesex Road in Mercer County. Authorities reported discovering convicted felons with guns and items reported stolen from burglaries across Mercer and Lawrence counties at the scene. The cause of death has also not yet been determined. The body was buried on the property near a rental home. It was determined that the body found was a Caucasian man of an unknown age. The identity has not yet been determined, but DNA testing is underway.

A Seneca Valley High School senior is facing charges for allegedly trying to cheat on a school drug test.  Jacob Shaffer is accused of bringing “clean’ urine to the test in May.  A nurse became suspicious when his sample was the wrong temperature and Shaffer later admitted to hiding the urine in his backpack.  Police also found a vial with cocaine residue in his car.

A Washington County  man is facing charges for allegedly raping two girls.  Steve Czako was arrested Tuesday for the assaults, which reportedly began when both girls were under the age of ten and continued for several years.  Czako is in Washington County jail awaiting a preliminary hearing next week.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s perjury trial is underway and a witness for the prosecution claims she lied under oath.  Political consultant Josh Morrow testified yesterday that he and Kane worked together to leak secret grand jury documents to a Philadelphia newspaper, and then cover it up.  Morrow says he and Kane blamed Kane’s former aide for the leak.  The defense claims Moore is untrustworthy and has lied in court before.

A man is being credited for putting out a house fire in Cranberry Township.  A grease fire started in the Friendship Lane residence earlier this week.  A neighbor heard people screaming and ran to the home with a fire extinguisher.  He was able to put out the blaze quickly and limit the damage to the kitchen.  No injuries were reported.

A negotiator for a union representing faculty members at Pennsylvania’s 14 state universities says members will take a preliminary strike authorization vote after little progress was made during contract talks. The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties says the Aug. 25 conference call with faculty delegates from each of the campuses will decide whether to call for a strike authorization vote. A Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education spokesman says its officials are negotiating in good faith.Faculty members have been working without a contract since June of last year.