Frog Net News For August 3rd, 2016

A Rochester man has been sentenced to 22 to 55 years in prison in the shooting death of 28 year old Richard Hogue back in November of 2013.  According to the Ellwood City Ledger Leon Platt, was convicted on April 14 of third-degree murder in the death of Hogue, at an apartment in the Walnut Ridge public housing complex. On Tuesday, Platt was sentenced to 22-52 years in prison for the death of Hogue and two unrelated incidents in which Platt shot at a residence in Wayne Township and a vehicle along Lawrence Avenue in Ellwood City. Platt who turns 29 next month and maitains his innocence,  would be 81 years of age if he serves the full sentence.

The man who allegedly took a gun into a Center Township movie theater is now facing federal charges.  William Gossett was indicted yesterday for the incident, which occurred last month at Cinemark Theater.  Police stopped Gossett after seeing him wearing long-sleeved military fatigues in 90-degree heat.  He was also carrying a large bag, which was later found to contain a stolen handgun and ammunition.  Officials say he violated federal law prohibiting convicted felons from having firearms.

A volunteer firefighter is accused of setting multiple fires in Beaver County.  Aaron Liggett of Center Township has allegedly admitted to lighting at least three of the blazes but he is also suspected of several more, all of which occurred in March and April.  He is facing 24 felony charges.

Western Pennsylvania unemployment is on the decline.  The state Department of Labor and Industry reported yesterday the seven-county region June jobless rate decreased two-tenths of a percent to five and a half percent.  Butler County was the lowest at four-point-nine-percent while Fayette County topped all seven counties at eight-percent.   The State average is at up to 5.6 percent.

The mother of a former Mars Primary School student is suing multiple employees of the Mars District.  The woman names the principal, a guidance counselor, a psychologist, the director of special education and all nine school board members in the suit, claiming they mistreated her son and tried to have him placed in an off-site location due to his disabilities.  She is alleging wrongful expulsion, assault and battery, false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress and a hostile learning environment.  The suit is seeking punitive damages, future private school tuition and legal fees.

State College is decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.  Council voted Monday to make possession of up to 30 grams, which is a little more than an ounce, punishable by a 250-dollar fine.  The new measure will not apply on the Penn State campus because the university receives federal money.

Pittsburgh is the best city for beer lovers.  Redfin recently teamed up with the Beer Institute to rank American cities based on the number of breweries, the number of active brewery permits, state beer taxes and home prices.  The article also claims Pittsburgh is number one partly because of its blue collar roots.  Philadelphia was number five on the list.  Check out the top 15 cities at

A tractor-trailer driver is facing charges this week for allegedly causing a pileup that seriously injured multiple people in Westmoreland County.  Andrew Parkes is accused of following too closely, driving on the wrong side of the road and careless driving in connection to the 2015 accident along Route 22.  Officials say he was doing 62-miles-an-hour in a 45 mile-an-hour zone when he slammed into the back of a pickup truck.  A female construction worker was seriously injured and the pickup driver had to be flown from the scene.