The Next Evel Knievel!


Evel Knievel was famous for some of the most spectacular jumps and stunts in American history. I loved watching his jumps and even had his stunt cycle toy as a kid! With all of his successful jumps, he is probably best remembered for one of his failed jumps. The Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho. In 1974, Evel attempted to clear this canyon with his steam powered cycle/rocket, the vehicle crashed – and he was saved when his parachute deployed.

Now, another daredevil is going to make a run at getting over the canyon. Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun plans to strap into a steam-powered rocket cycle in September and try it again – in hopes of honoring the memory of one of his idols.

I think with modern technology, this may now be possible and look forward to seeing him try!