A Hobo F***** Up My Shoe

This is Deanna, one of the fine sales reps at Forever Media. She gets back from a hard day of making sales to fund my lucrative salary, regaling everyone (multiple times) with a tale of shoes and the downtrodden. As she ran into anyone who would listen, she began the tale with, “a hobo f***** up my shoe!” She would then go on about said hobo being in her personal space and how this led to him stepping on her shoe! I heard this about 5 times and as I type this I can hear a 6th telling of the tale. I proceeded to, after the 5th account, give her grief about telling it so many times and how she should gather everyone in a room and tell the story once. That is when I got caught up in the whirlwind telling and used as a human prop! Deanna illustrated the invasion of her personal space by getting in mine, violently chest bumping me. Now don’t get me wrong, I have never in my life complained about a woman rubbing her boobs on me but this was violent and invasive and quite frankly, jolting. The moral of the story here kids, when a hobo steps on a woman’s shoes, just let her tell it to whoever she wants, as many times as she wants!