Frog Net News For July 12,th 2016

Some Pennsylvania lawmakers said they might sue Governor Tom Wolf for allowing a budget to pass with no way to pay for it.  Wolf didn’t sign the General Assembly’s 31-billion dollar budget proposal but he didn’t veto it either, which allowed it to officially become law at midnight last night.  Lawmakers haven’t agreed yet on a revenue package to pay for the budget.  Some Republicans sent a letter to Wolf yesterday saying it’s against the law to pass a budget that costs more than projected state revenue without having a way to make up the difference.

Police in Mahoning Township are investigating a car frie Friday on East River Road.  According to the New Castle News police responded to a fire near the railroad crossing to find a vehicle engulfed in flames.  A brick had been used to smash out the vehicle window.  Union Township assisted Mahoning firefighters to extinguish the blaze.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Mahoning Township police.

A Volant woman was taken to the hospital following a motorcycle accident in Plain Grove Township.  State Police in Lawrence County report 58 year old Tamara Shepard was southbound on Old Ash Road when she lost control of her motorcycle and struck an embankment.  Shepard was taken to Grove City Medical Center for treatment. Police said Shepard was wearing a helmet.

The Pine-Richland School Board is not moving forward with two resolutions to change bathroom rules.  The resolutions failed yesterday, which means transgender students can use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.  The resolutions would have given students the choice of using bathrooms the match their biological gender or using unisex facilities.  Pine-Richland schools open August 24th.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board still hasn’t opened the application process for grocery stores that want to sell wine.  The General Assembly passed a bill last month to allow supermarkets to sell wine, and some Republicans in the House are upset that the stores still can’t apply yet.  The law takes effect August 8th, but officials said stores probably won’t be able to start selling until around Thanksgiving.

The Judiciary Committee of the Pennsylvania Senate is approving a new bill that outlaws abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy and beyond.  Some lawmakers said unborn children can live outside the womb starting at 20 weeks.  The bill has already passed the state House and could now go to the entire Senate for a vote.  Governor Tom Wolf has said he’ll veto it if it gets to his desk.

An extra 30,000 travelers used the Pittsburgh International Airport in May compared to the same month in 2015, the latest in a continuing trend of increased passenger traffic there. Airport officials said Friday that 737,823 passengers used the airport in May, a 4.3 percent increase over May 2015 and 13.8 percent over April.The spike in passengers is attributed to new routes, including an earlier-than-normal start time for Delta’s nonstop flight to Paris. In addition, Southwest added a route to St. Louis, and Allegiant added a flight to New Orleans.

A Sharpsville woman was arrested last week on a warrant for corruption of minors.Thirty-year-old Nicole Sundy-Myers of South Second Street, Sharpsville, is accused of having a child commit retail theft while the child was in the 100 block of S. Water Avenue.The Hermitage Police Department was also notified of at least two times where the child was told to steal items from the business in Hermitage. Sundy-Myers was arraigned and released on bond.

No one was injured as a result of a Monday morning house fire in Jackson Township.  According to Inside Butler County, Harmony firemen were called out around  10 a.m. at a two-story home on the 100-block of Edward Drive. Fire officals say the damage was extensive. No one was at home at the time of the fire.  The state fire marshall is investigating the cause of the fire.