Because Some Rockers Just Can’t Help Themselves

A little more fallout from the Gene Simmons comment on Prince. Nikki Sixx, of Motley Crue and Sixx A.M. fame, felt it necessary to beat a dead horse in a recent interview. When asked about Gene Simmons ill-worded and ill-timed remarks on the death of Prince, Sixx called Mean Gene “overrated” and a “lucky guy that dresses like a clown.”

Last I looked wasn’t early Motley Crue’s look essentially a KISS rip off???

Well hot off of lambasting Gene Simmons himself, KISS band mate Paul Stanley came to Gene’s defense on Facebook with this to say, “Jesus Christ, Nikki Sixx! Would you please shut up, find another way to be in the news and get off your self inflated pedestal,” Stanley went on to say, “Regardless of some things Gene Simmons has said that I may take issue with, his influence on musicians (you included) is undeniable and will continue. More importantly, his work, generosity and monetary contributions to numerous causes and charities for those less fortunate makes your ongoing rant, in the scheme of things, the unimportant but annoying squeak it truly is.”

Sixx then fired back on Facebook with, “Looks like good old Paul doesn’t like that someone called out his buddy Gene again. … I will give him a standing ovation for calling out Gene himself publicly and then trying to hold my feet to the same fire, but you can’t save him. If the press wants to run with a story, they got legs and we all know they need fresh content.”

I dare say we haven’t heard the end of this but here’s to hoping it’s done. Bottom line is this, yeah what Gene said was cold and wrong and couldn’t have been timed worse but the fact of the matter is that he has the right to his own opinion. We HAVE to get away from this ideal that we crucify EVERYONE who has a differing opinion than us, those who we feel are “wrong”. Was what Gene Simmons wrong for what he said about Prince and how he said it, probably but it’s that classic, can’t see the forest for the tress. Everyone is so incensed over Simmons calling Prince “pathetic” that they refuse to see the bigger picture of what he was trying to say about drug abuse.

Everyone needs to calm down and eat some fruit or something…