Missing: Ozzy Osbourne!!!

Check your milk carton and you might see Ozzy Osbourne. Hot off the heals of the announcement that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have separated, it was rumored yesterday that Ozzy’s son Jack was desperately looking for him. Social media was abuzz with the thoughts of Ozzy off the rails on a crazy train, face down in the gutter, drunk/stoned out of his mind. Hopefully that’s not the case! There were unsubstantiated reports that, much like Bigfoot, Elvis and UFO’s, there WAS an Ozzy sighting not long after the call for “where’s Ozzy” came out. There have been mixed reports about Ozzy’s sobriety and infidelity as of late and how that led to the Ozzy and Sharon split. Here’s to hoping Ozzy is alright and that he can keep it together through all of this.