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Reno’s Rant: Why Does Grammy Hate Rock

The Grammys have come and gone. All I can say is…woop de doo! Once upon a time, the Grammys were a big deal to a rock radio personality such as myself. It was a night when all of the biggest rock stars were out and up for the biggest awards. Not so much these days!…


Reno’s Rant: Super Blah LIII

Dynasties are easy these days when you have a history of cheating, the league protects your QB and said league makes sure questionable calls benefit your team in big games before they change the rules. It’s so simple! No congratulations here for the Pats. Sour grapes you may say? You bet your sweet ask me…


Rock the Fair

Just want to start the discussion here.  Why haven’t we had a classic rock band or performer at the Crawford County Fair since the sold out Skynyrd concert in 2007?  It was very family friendly – attracting 3 generations of fans…rock and country music fans alike.  There are plenty of affordable touring mass appeal bands…

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