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First snowfall of the year!

It just seems like it was the 4th of July and we were sweating at the Crawford County Fair! Now, this morning we had our first snowfall that stuck to the ground. I know a lot of people are divided about snow. Most people on Facebook were posting “it’s snowing!” and posting pictures of snow…


Don’t Forget To “Fall Back” this Sunday!

It’s crazy to think that we’re going to be “falling back” this weekend! I am all about an extra hour of sleep…but I really don’t like the fact that we will be seeing it get dark at 5:30-6:00PM! I really do think we should leave the clocks alone… it messes with everyone and by the…


Meadville Halloween Parade

I’ll be seeing you at the 52nd annual Meadville Halloween parade! The parade starts at 6:30 at Diamond Park in Meadville. Myself and Rockin’ Rick from Rocky will be hosting the parade. And don’t worry… if you’re unable to make it… the parade will be on Armstrong cable throughout the next couple of weeks!


Video of the Week